Steve Faulkner

Perfect for any social or corporate function, Steve will provide an experience for your clients or guests that they will talk about for a long time, making your event unforgettable.
The magic is world class and has taken a lifetime of practice, but more importantly your guests will be left laughing and entertained. It is this balance of high skill and personality that holds Steve high above the hundreds of close up magicians working around the world.
The entertainment you book will reflect on you as a company or individual, so you need to trust your entertainers, and Steve prides on himself his professionalism and ability to fit in with your needs. This leaves you with one less thing to worry about when organising your event.

As a fan of magic I can’t help but try to work out how people do tricks. Even though I know the theory behind a few tricks, Steve managed to blow my mind and made me re-assess my knowledge of magic.”
Matt Helders
Arctic Monkeys

His best trick is combining impressive magic with funny banter. Excellent!
Ian Hislop
Have I got News For You, Private Eye

It’s great to see someone with real talent. We really loved you!
Emma Thompson

Recently we invited Steve Faulkner back for a second time to our outdoor event aimed at American kids aged about 10-16 who came to the UK as part of a choral music festival. The event was the opening night of the festival and all of the kids (and adults) had just arrived from the US that day. We do this outdoor BBQ with some entertainment as a means of helping them to get to know each other and also to keep them awake a little later to help with jet-lag.

Steve Faulkner was part of the evening’s festivities, as he was last summer as well. He was hugely popular with the group last summer, so it seemed very important to invite him back again this summer. Steve is amazing! The tricks he does are seamless. He very was great at engaging he crowd and worked through them without prompting. Everyone was in awe. Throughout the evening I would hear roars of laughter and wonder, only to look up and see Steve at the middle of the attention! I asked some of the kids and adults the next day about the entertainment and I got enthusiastic responses from everyone I talked to. They all loved Steve Faulkner!
Michael Sylvester
British European Speciality Tours
Thank you, you were absolutely excellent and many of the guests were extremely impressed with your outstanding talent and very humorous banter.
We may well ask you back next year!
Clive Kay
Chairman BSGAR
24 hours later, having recovered from a few glasses of champagne, I am still absolutely astounded by your card tricks last night. I cannot express just how much I enjoyed it. Brilliant, quite brilliant.

In a world of too many average entertainers, sold by marketing hype to a gullible public, what you bring is quite exceptional. And you have such a warm, unpretentious personality as well.

Many thanks for an evening that I will never forget. (The 2 of clubs with my name written on it is pinned to the wall next to the postcard I received from Will Young!)
Alistair Nicholls
British Medical Association


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