Magician Wiltshire

The founder of Street Magicians Ltd was raised in West Wiltshire, but now lives in Bristol. However, in his time as a close up magician for hire he regularly travels back to Wiltshire to perform close up magic at parties and events. We occasionally get asked: “who are the best magicians for hire in Wiltshire?” or “can you suggest a great close up magician or table magician for my wedding in Wiltshire?” and the answer is of course yes. We have more than sixty different amazing magicians available for hire on our books. All different in styles but with one defining feature that bonds them all together: we have seen them all performing at events and know them personally, which means that we are able to always help you chose the best magician for Wiltshire wedding or corporate event/party. Speak to us at Street Magicians today!

Our magicians

Matt Windsor Stephanie Jayne Alex Welsh – Freestyle Magician Collin Claus Street Magic Neb – London Magician Steve Faulkner Mark Waddington