Magician in London

We have the UK’s widest choice of magicians available in London. If you are looking online for magicians to hire in London then you will notice that there is a huge amount of choice on Google. How Street Magicians differ is that we have expert knowledge of all the top working magicians today. This means that we can discuss your requirements with you and help you find someone who will be absolutely perfect for you. Rob, the owner of Street Magicians, is one of the best known close up magicians performing in the UK today and is also one of the best connected. This means that he is in an excellent position to listen carefully to your needs and arrange the hire of an excellent magician. At Street Magicians London we only use professional, contemporary and highly skilled magicians. As well as London magicians we have pickpockets and mind readers. Nobody knows the London magic scene better than us! Please get in touch and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements. Street magician? Mind reader magician? Close up magician? Table magician? You name it, we know the best magicians in London!


Our magicians

Matt Windsor Stephanie Jayne Alex Welsh – Freestyle Magician Collin Claus Street Magic Neb – London Magician Steve Faulkner Mark Waddington