Stephanie Jayne

Stephanie Jayne is a full time professional magician based in London who performs at private parties, corporate events and weddings. Stephanie is a one of the very few female professional magicians and specialises in using her fun, bubbly personality to present magic with a truly feminine feel which will make the entertainment at your event memorable, astonishing and unique.

“Stephanie, you are absolutely amazing!” —Pixie Lotte

Stephanie Jayne’s passion for magic began when she met a pair of magicians through a mutual friend; as a joke she decided to learn a card trick from a book to show the two magicians that girls could be magical and amazing too. What Stephanie didn’t realise was the book combined with the thrill and excitement of performing magic would sweep the world from under her feet and take her on a journey that would change her life.

In a matter of weeks Stephanie had consumed the contents of six different magic books. Over the next couple of years this new passion overtook another older one and she decided to quit nursing and pursue her dream of becoming a professional magician. Stephanie grew up in Redruth in Cornwall, during her school days she had always performed in amateur dramatic societies and was also a keen dancer. The confidence Stephanie gained from these early exposures to a live audience gave Stephanie an amazing foundation and confidence needed to perform magic live at all manner of events.


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