Alex Welsh – Freestyle Magician

After leaving School in 2001, Alex started performing at various bars and clubs and gained the nickname, “Magic-Al”.

“I felt I needed more stability at the time as the gigs were few and far between so I went to work as a croupier for Grosvenor Casinos. After 6 months working there I was taken upstairs to a camera room and was told to watch a recording of me dealing Blackjack and to deny that I was using any sleight of hand with the casino chips! I was also told I was too quick with the cards. I realised then that the casino wasn’t going to work out for me so that was the end of that”
“I also had an interest in Locksmithing so I worked for a local locksmith and would practice picking locks and cutting keys etc. I went up to Daventry to take a test for the Master Locksmiths Association and successfully passed all 4 tests and gained a master locksmith certificate and full membership”

More gigs followed and Alex started to develop his own style and was becoming well known for improvisation, performing amazing magic with common, everyday objects and coined the term “freestyle magician”

Magic-Al – Freestyle Magician has a steady network of clients, situated around Brighton, including Bupa International, The Hilton Metropole, Juice 107.2, Brighton Business Club, Venture Finance plus many exclusive bars and private events and companies up and down the country including Birmingham NEC, Fly53 Clothing and London Zoo

“Magic-Al came and entertained at our wedding reception for a couple of hours in the evening. His tricks left us all dumb-founded and amazed. His tricks are original and all always well presented in a friendly manner. It’s close up magic that leaves you scratching your head!
He became a great talking point when discussing our wedding after the event. Wouldn’t heisitate to use him again at a birthday or any other social occasion.
If you want a close up magician who goes about his business in a professional yet friendly way who can bemuse your friends then Magic-Al is the guy for you!”


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