About us

Rob James -Hello – I’m Rob James and I am a professional magician based in Bristol. I set up Street Magicians Ltd after ten years of performing at events all over the country and the world. I’ve been booked at more than 2000 different venues including the House of Commons in London, at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai.

Having immersed myself completely in the world of professional close up magic, I figured I was in a good place to set up a talent agency booking exclusively magicians. I have worked (and still work) as a magician through agencies and to be honest, there are some good ones and some awful ones. Something that you as a booker probably don’t realise is that most agencies have never seen any of the acts that they book. In other words, their advice and guidance is pointless as they don’t have any real knowledge about who they are booking… They are acting as a middleman for no reason at all. I always figured this was a bit strange.

Traditional agencies are also notorious among my peers as frequently managing to make the wrong type of booking (for example booking a 4 hour performance for a group of 10 people or booking 4 magicians for a group of 50) – this is generally because they don’t really understand what works properly as they have no experience of performing at events themselves.

So, with Street Magicians I will not only suggest acts who I know and know will do a fantastic job. I will also listen carefully to your requirements and make sure the timings are correct and you book the right type of magician.


Our magicians

Matt Windsor Stephanie Jayne Alex Welsh – Freestyle Magician Collin Claus Street Magic Neb – London Magician Steve Faulkner Mark Waddington